Composition workshops

mw-slider-3Melanie Daiken was a composition student of Olivier Messiaen and brings her passion for his music and that of other great 20th century composers to MusicWorks through a series of workshops which focus on two or three masterworks of the century – last year’s works were Strauss’s Elektra, Janacek’s song cycle The Diary of One who Disappeared and Bartok’s opera Bluebeard’s Castle. With Melanie’s guidance students are able not only to get to know and study these works intensively but also to compose and perform their own music drawing inspiration from specific compositional and dramatic elements of the music studied.

Alasdair’s harmonies

alisdairs-harmoniesEach day of the course when Alasdair Beatson has been coaching he has presented a pre-lunch session under the umbrella title of ‘Alasdair’s Harmonies’. A very wide variety of music has been covered ranging from Happy Birthday through to Bach fugues, Brahms, Faure, Schumann, Wagner and Barber each illustrating an aspect of harmony occurring in different contexts. Uses of certain chords, cadences or modulations are all examined as if they were favourite ingredients in the kitchen of a great chef, prepared in irresistibly mouth-watering ways. Harmony informs every choice we make in interpreting music and the more information and experience we have of the different harmonic ‘flavours’ the more skilled we become in our musical cuisine.

Early Music Workshops

early-music-workshopsHighlights of the Early music workshops have included Jonathan Manson and William Hunt introducing all the string players on the course to learning the viola da gamba. Each student picked up a viol for the first time in their lives on the first day of the course, learning a whole new bowing technique and way of holding the instrument, reading in different clefs, and by the end of the week were able to play some 17th century four and six part consort music together. This was further enhanced by learning about Baroque dance and on other occasions William Hunt and Frances Norbury introduced everyone to dancing minuets, sarabandes and pavans. This summer, distinguished harpsichordist Nicholas Parle will introduce everyone to learning about different tuning systems and other fascinating aspects of playing and appreciating 17th century music.