MusicWorks was founded in order to provide the highest possible level of chamber music experience for young musicians. We run a series of five courses throughout the year which are designed for young musicians at different stages in their discovery and exploration of chamber music, from playing a string quartet for the first time through to advanced study of late Beethoven.

During MusicWorks courses students have the chance to explore the great masterpieces of the repertoire with guidance from a team of international performers who all have a particular passion for chamber music. The emphasis is on exploration of music as an art form and a language for communicating beyond the realm of words. Teachers play alongside students in many of the groups and for everyone this process of working together towards comprehending the artistic vision of the great composers is enormously inspiring.

Getting to know great music is a supreme adventure and MusicWorks helps young musicians find a ‘way in’ to unlocking the magical inner world of the great composers and their music. Working together in small groups, which often include teachers playing together with the students, the process of exploring the music becomes a journey full of insight and inspiration.

With only 28 people on each of the summer courses, everyone gets to know each other well while also getting to play with plenty of different people. Since playing chamber music is a collaborative engagement of focused, creative concentration, there is no place on the course for any kind of competition and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.