MusicWorks presents a series of eight “MusicWorks Sundays” at Kings Place through the Autumn and Winter. These are special study days which include coaching, talks, discussions and opportunities for participating groups to play for each other. Coaches have included Catherine Manson, Robert Max, Alasdair Beatson, Marie Bitlloch, Bogdan Bozovic, John Crockatt, Ralf Ehlers, Michael Gurevich, Jonathan Manson, Robin Michael, David Rabinovich and Claus-Christian Schuster. The next MusicWorks Sundays will be on:

October 10th 2021
October 17th
November 21st
January 23rd 2022
February 13th
April 24th
May 29th
June 5th

To apply, send an email to

MusicWorks is very grateful for the support from the Albert and Eugenie Frost Music Trust which has made this series possible.