Here is a selection of comments from students, parents and teachers following the summer courses

Congratulations for the great success of the course!! All of my pupils told me they entirely enjoyed the course and learnt so much this summer!! They want to come back again and again.
Teacher of several MusicWorks students

Thank you for an excellent course, which D really enjoyed. She loved the teachers, students and environment; it was supportive, collaborative and fun. The performances on Sunday were wonderful- it was an impressive array of composers and talent.

Could you please keep a place on next year’s course for D?
Parent of D

You did it again! F came back once more transformed, energized, happy, more knowledgeable on the world of chamber music and having progressed in her playing. My wife and I cannot thank you enough for all you and the rest of the staff gave our daughter that week. I was particularly impressed by the level of the course, this year, and by all the gorgeously performed works I heard.
F’s father

It was such a lovely concert and we really enjoyed to listen these wonderful music. It was great way of ending the summer. A had really great time to play with such great musicians. She is already looking forward to see you all in August 2013! She wants to apply for next August course so please put her name in your list please.
Parent of A

Working in the assumption that you are okay with me coming to a course next year, can I ask for a place on the second course? I am already looking forward to it! And can I just say that the week this summer was the best week of my life so far!! I would do anything to live it again, thank you so much!
A Student

E returned enthused beyond words (“I felt like my musical mind doubled in size” was how she put it)…
Parent of E

The scholarship enabling me to play the piano at Musicworks is the most inspiring musical experience I have ever had. It introduced me to a level of playing together which is intensely devoted and this has opened my eyes to the possibility of playing with other people in which you become deeply in tune with others and the spirit of the music. There was brilliant teaching. I just want to do more of it. Thank you.
First recipient, Jacob Barnes Scholarship

It was my privilege to be present at the August concert (and also that of my daughter C who was totally bowled over, exhausted, excited, roller-coasted and musically intensified by the whole concert and week’s experience, and, as Catherine says, more so than ever before). Superlatives confound me other than to say that it was a day that we as a family shall never forget. To say simply ‘well done’ to all the staff and performers seems, of course, totally inadequate, but say it I will in the manner of true British understatement…I think C was taken right out of herself over the week…she has spent most of her waking hours since Monday listening to Schoenberg, Schubert and Zemlinsky 4tets…
Parent of C